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"Introducing Tangram, the new privacy coin revolutionising the way we protect our transactions. With features such as RingCT, zero-knowledge, and Stealth addresses, Tangram offers unprecedented levels of protection that can't be matched by traditional methods. Experience true privacy with Tangram – reinventing the way you keep your transactions safe."

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What Is Tangram (XTGM)

Tangram is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that transforms the way we transact. It's fast, fee-less, private and fungible, making it an ideal choice for blockchain transactions. The Tangram network uses a state-of-the-art Pure-Proof-Of-Stake (PPoS) consensus algorithm that is secure, energy-efficient, and decentralized.

Incorporating advanced cryptographic protocols like Bulletproofs, stealth addresses and RingCT for transaction mixing, Tangram guarantees that users can keep their identity and financial activities completely private. Plus, its lightning-fast transaction speeds and zero fees make it the perfect choice for everyday payments. Tangram's PPoS consensus algorithm is specifically designed to ensure a fair distribution of rewards. Whether it's a small stake or a large one, Tangram ensures that the rewards are distributed fairly to those who put their precious time and effort into staking.
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Ring Signatures

Transactions are not traceable and cannot be linked back you.

Confidential Transactions

No revealing of transactions amounts from receiver to sender. Transactions are encrypted.

Stealth Addresses

One time addresses are generated for every transaction.

Block DAG

To ensure network speed and scalability, Tangram utilises a Block DAG (Distributed Acyclic Graph) architecture.


Tangram’s distributed network uses zero-knowledge verifiable transfers.

TOR + obfs4 (coming soon)

Tangram integrates with Tor’s hidden services, adding a layer of anonymity.

Open source and the Community

Tangram is open source. With a complete focus on privacy and decentralization, Tangram will run on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Be part of the Tangram community, and help improve privacy and anonymity in the age of data.
Tangram will be the end-to-end solution you can trust to safeguard your identity, your data, your business, and your rights in a world of prying eyes.

Token Distribution $XTGM 221,000,000

Tokens obtained only through PPoS, faucet & exchanges coming soon!

Together, We’re Modernizing Global Payments

Tangram’s function is to connect payment providers and digital asset exchanges. This will make sending money globally a truly seamless experience..

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